Using the toolkit for planning

The toolkit covers core and complementary components of operating a CBVCT service for MSM. You can use the checklists in this toolkit to guide you through the operational planning of your CBVCT service:

  1. Use the ‘Item’ column as a ‘To Do’ list.
  2. Go to the next columns and list tasks to be completed, e.g.: find or draft policies, standards or procedures, negotiate contracts and agreements where appropriate.
  3. Go to the next column and ensure that each item is adapted to your local context.
  4. Skip the ‘Is it working as intended?’ column until your CBVCT has been operating for a sufficiently long period of time, and you have enough data and experience to review it.
  5. Use the ‘Action’ column to monitor your planning process and fill any gaps.

The ‘Guidance and tools’ sections for each topic refer to examples and existing documents, or provide templates that you can use or adapt for your CBVCT.

Please note:

  • You can use the toolkit in this way even after starting operations ­– sometimes you have to act without much planning if you are under pressure to provide services. The toolkit can help consolidate all aspects of CBVCT operations at any point in the development of the service.
  • The toolkit is a practice-oriented guide. It does not cover the programme logic that documents the reasoning behind the strategic decision to set up a CBVCT service. This normally includes developing overall aims, specific objectives and evaluation indicators based on epidemiological and demographic data, needs and situation analyses, as well as references to higher order strategic documents or action plans such as national HIV policy documents or organisational plans. There are many useful planning tools that can guide the programme logic of your CBVCT, e.g.


Tools 1 to 3 in the toolkit of the CDC’s HIVTestingImplementationGuide_Final, available at

Intervention mapping resources, available at

The SMART Criteria, ZiWi and Programme Logic methods within the Participatory Quality Development (PQD) tool on